We combine our experience with modern techniques and make the whole recruitment
process oriented towards you!
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Our multilingual team specializes in recruitment process in different areas and various industries with diverse candidate profiles.
Building on our success in the Balkans and partnership with major job boards in the world, we are now operating in more than 30 European and Gulf area countries with access to more than 135 job boards and 50 million CVs worldwide. In cooperation with other partners, KOLEKTIV also operates with the biggest salary, benefits and compensation information database in Central and Eastern Europe.
Thanks to the extensive experience in areas such as sourcing and recruitment, we are able to provide quick and quality solutions in accordance with our client’s needs, and successfully estimate candidates’ potentials. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of individual and package services in order to help clients find suitable candidates, and to help candidates seize their perfect opportunity.
Our main mission is to help people thrive. We see candidates as our most valuable resource and we treat them as our partners in the selection process. We aim at maintaining constant contact with candidates in order to help them through their career planning and development. We use candidates’ information exclusively for selection purposes and such information is not forwarded to clients without previous approval from the candidates.
If you are a candidate, you can click below and tell us what it is that you do and where would you like to work. We will try our best to help you succeed!
Level 1 RPO
Screening and ranking
Delivery of 10+ candidates in 10 days
Level 2 RPO
Short interview and report
Delivery of 5+ candidates in 20 days
Level 3 RPO
Full interview assessment and testing
Delivery of 3+ candidates in 30 days
Generating top quality candidates is the most time-consuming part of the recruitment cycle for any organization. We can help you with that! We base our solutions on two models, Partial RPO and Project RPO, but we will tailor our service specifically to fit your needs and we will deliver you the best suitable candidates as fast as possible.
Partial RPO model
Partial model allows more flexibility in the recruiting process and it involves outsourcing parts of the recruitment process, such as sourcing and/or screening of candidates. Kolektiv's Partial model will provide you with suitable candidates at a lower cost in a shorter amount of time.
Project RPO model
Project model is intended for situations in which a specific hiring need arises which your existing internal resources are not able to handle. We will design a flexible recruiting solution specifically scaled to fit your needs and we will deliver you the best possible candidates.
Our clients are numerous local and international companies from various industries, and our relationship is primarily based on trust and a professional approach. We are entirely dedicated to the improvement of our clients’ business by saving them time and connecting them with quality candidates.
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